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Home Insurance Tips

Always check the excess amount when taking out home insurance policies or any insurance policy for that matter.

If your excess is set too high then it could stop you from making smaller claims but it will reduce the cost of your policy. Set it too low and it will increase the cost of your premium but make it cheaper to make smaller claims. Read our claim case studies.

Home Insurance Payments

Try to pay your home insurance premium in one lump sum or find a company that will accept interest free monthly payment options. Find out more here.

Owning a dog may not affect the price of your policy however is a great deterrent to potential thieves.

Insure your contents for the correct value. Undervaluing can affect the amount you are awarded should you make a claim. Also make sure your personal life insurance and general family cover are up to date.

Join a neighbourhood watch scheme.

Where you live

Owning a property in a cul-de-sac can put off potential thieves as everyone living in the same road can see who is arriving and leaving giving the theif a greater chance of being seen by somebody you know. After all, your street is a little community and by protecting you, your neighbours are protecting themselves too. Click here for car insurance quotes.

Always read the smallprint to find out your excess amounts and to discover if you have a new for old policy etc etc.

Insure Your Finances with Repayment Insurance

We recommend taking out repayment insurance to protect your home in case any mortgage or other property investment loan repayments are missed. This will give you peace of mind and protect you and your property against unforeseen circumstances. Contact us for independent financial advice about insurance cover.


Think carefully before you make a claim. Remember your record and your no claims bonus or discount will be affected upon making a claim . This will directly affect your home insurance premium in the future. Get help making a claim – visit this site.